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Letters from Parents:

"The magnets are fantastic!  I didn't expect the wonderful quality they consist of!  Thank you for doing this for all drivers on the road.  
Beginners as well as the old-timers.  PS:  The contract is absolutely flawless and you thought of everything.  Thank you from my
daughter, granddaughter and future grandchildren.
- Linda, Cave Creek, AZ 

"Thank you very much!  This is a genius idea!  I will have more peace with having this sticker for my teen driver."
- Kenia, San Jose, CA 

"Here is a good idea for new drivers:  Magnets to warn other drivers!"
- Gary, (forwarded the above to every traffic Judge in Georgia) Atlanta, GA

"I received the magnet yesterday and i can't wait for my daughter to start using it.  Her dad took her out driving last weekend in the wee
morning hours and the poor thing got so frustrated with people honking at her because they had no idea she was a student driver.  Even
the old people were honking.  So this will make a huge difference with the drivers around her.  I'm so glad we saw the article!  I will
most definitely pass the word.  Thanks for all you do!"
- Margaret, Highlands Ranch, CO 

"I purchased one of your magnets for my son.  This is the BEST thing ever.  I have noticed how other drivers back way
off and give him the room he needs.  I am so glad i found this.  THANK YOU!!!"

- Edel, Sonoma, CA 

"Thank you for this valuable safety service."
- Karen, Montgomery Village, MD

"My husband and I are just beginning to teach our 16 year-old daughter to drive. I cannot tell you how grateful we are for these bumper stickers."
- Eleanor, Alexandria, VA

"Thank you for your creative solution - and for sharing it with many teens, parents, and grandparents."
- Jean, Springfield, VA

"I heard about the magnets via an article in the AAA magazine.  In England we have a similar idea.  Now that my daughter turned 15 and has 
her permit it was such a relief knowing that this country had something similar to let other driver's know that the person driving my car
is inexperienced.   Thanks for your dedication to this - I truly appreciate your efforts."
- Rachael, Indianapolis, IN 

"I think you are doing a great service for our community. I know I will feel better having this sticker on the car when my daughter is driving."
- Margo, Oakton, VA

"I had planned to ask my wife to make one for me with embroidery material but when i read the magazine i knew this was the answer. 
Great item!"
- Jonathan, Plano, TX 

"This is such an awesome idea!  My son gets so nervous when people are tailgating him and i get so angry at their awful looks.  This way they
can back off hopefully.  I hope your business has a ton of success!
- Darcy, Salesia, MT 

"You are truly brilliant! Thank you for having the foresight and wisdom! My son and I are glad to be the recipients of the magnet."
- Faith, Gaithersburg, MD

"I love my new magnet, the benefits have been enormous not only to my driver in training but to me, with 40 plus years of driving 
experience.  Drivers stay away from me now and give me lots of room on the road."
- Phyllis, Shaker Heights, OH 

"This is the best idea yet!"
- Betty, Antioch, CA 

"I just read an article in Costco magazine featuring your magnets and ordered one immediately!  My daughter has been frustrated on numerous
occasions with the impatience of other drivers - thank you!"- Alanna, St Petersburg, FL

"What fabulous idea!!  Keep up the good work and thank you."
- Lilias, Portland, OR

"Loved the article about your rookie driver bumper magnet in the Costco Connection magazine!  My grandson will be learning to drive this
fall and I am a nervous grandmother!  I feel at least this will calm my daughter's nerves.  Love your success story.  Good luck!"
- Joray, Fountainville, PA 

"I've been looking for these!!!  Thank you!!!"
- Bridget, Park Ridge, IL

"What a great idea!  My son just got his drivers permit - so these will be great for him."
- Mary, San Diego, CA 

"What an amazingly great idea!  My new driver asked me to get one for her to use."
- Victoria, Escondido, CA 

"I think this is perfect for my daughters car.  She has just gotten her permit and is a little nervous about driving but more nervous about other
drivers too close to her.  So this magnet is perfect.  What a great idea!"
- Lina, Ellicott City, MD

"Granddaughter getting her license and i like the magnet for her safety."
- Barbara, Livermore, CA 

"Thanks very much . . . and for the service you are providing us parents!"
- Denise, Brooklyn, NY

"Thanks for your awesome idea.  It will help my son feel more comfortable learning to drive."
- Angela, South Jordan, UT 

"Thanks for the idea and making them!"
- Elisa, Knoxville, MD 

"I love the magnet and posted it on my facebook page.  More importantly, my granddaughter loved it.  She is just learning to drive and is very
uncomfortable with driving in traffic.  She does drive slow and hopefully this magnet will encourage other drivers to be patient with her!  Thanks."
- Barb, Brighton, MI

"What a creative and sensible idea - Good luck."
- Kris, San Diego, CA 

"I'm the new driver's grandfather.  She passed her driver's test the first try and now drives herself to school and elsewhere with her New
Driver magnet attached to the rear bumper.  It was the perfect gift for me to give her after she got her license.  I want to wish you all the best
with your venture."
-  Jim, Santa Clara, CA

"Been wanting one of these for three years!  Thank you."
- Art, Paul, ID 

"Thank you for your letter in the Post about new driver stickers. Yes! We would love one. Thank you. In fact, how about 3 - a good gift for a friend. …… Did I mention, ""THANK YOU!""
- Louise, Annapolis, MD

"I can tell you that the magnet works.  I have been in the car with my daugher and people do back off and give her space.  Great
product!  Will be recommending to everyone I know with a new driver.  Thanks!"
- Diana, Joshua Tree, CA 

"This is a great idea and product!"
- Mike, Grandville, MI 

"I have received my order.  I was so glad to come across the article in my Costco magazine.  We've just been hanging up a piece of paper
in the back window because it really helped my daugher with being anxious about others on the road.  Thank you for providing these 
bumper stickers.  I don't know why they aren't handed out when they get their driver's permits.  It just makes sense.  Anyways, Thank you."
- Maria, Colleyville, TX 

"Thanks so much for this great idea!"
- Elaine, Potomac, MD

"We ordered ours and am very glad we did and really like it.  I have sent it on to our driving school where they taught our child how to drive.  It 
would be a valuable tool for the parents to have while their child is in training."
- Pam, South Lake Tahoe, CA 

"What an excellent idea!!! Thank you!!"
- Paula, Twin Falls, ID

"I use the magnet on my own car, a 52 chevy, that doesn't go down the road with much speed.  It is a great tool for cars coming up behind
me way too fast.  Also people kinda get a kick out of the magnet as i just turned 70."
- Doug, Billings, MT 

"Loved the idea & great write up in the Metro sec!!"
- Tracy, Owings, MD

"I wanted to let you know that i saw your article in the Costco Connection.  I have been saying I need a student driver sign for my daughter.
 I am very excited to receive this.  People can be so impatient and rude.  Thanks for bringing this idea to fruition. 
- Nicole, Denver, CO 

"As a 59 year old new driver with a learner's permit and one class of the driver's education course under her belt, I thought your magnet sounded like a great idea."
- Laureen, Bowie, MD

"I read the article in the July 2013 Costco Connection about this terrific idea.  I have a nephew who will get his permit to drive in August and i ant to surprise him with this.  Thank you for this terrific idea."
- Joan, Yountville, CA 

"Great idea, hopefully you are killing it."
- William, Littleton, CO 

"Thank you for creating these magnets. With the craziness of drivers in Northern Virginia, it is difficult to teach a new driver."
- Teresa, Oak Hill, VA

"This is great."
- Lori, Washougal, WA 

"Thanks for the shipment which arrived on Friday and i LOVED the contract.  Great thinking!"
- Loues, Mission, TX 

"We have received the magnet and my daughter feels so much safer using it; I think she wanted it more than me!  Thank you."
- Melinda, Corinth, TX 

"Great idea."
- Maureen, McLean, VA
- Susan, Wheaton, IL
- Denise, Brooklyn, NY
- Valerie, Oakton, VA
- Marilyn, Tualatin, OR
- Susan, Rockville, MD
- Susan, Santa Monica, CA
- William, Modesto, CA
- Douglas, Landisville, PA
- Jan, Palm Springs, CA
- Denise, Yorktown Heights, NY 

"I am glad I saw the Costco ad, this is a great idea.  I am always glad that there are smart people like you.  Good luck!"
- Lourdes, San Jose, CA  

"Thanks for taking your great idea to production, I was so tired of people tailgating my son and stressing him out while he was driving, people
cut him off and drive like maniacs here in Orange County, it's really awful!  Thanks again for helping out a stressed mom with a new driver."
- Kristen, Con De Casa, CA 

"Many thanks for saving me a sign. I know it will be helpful to have it on the car. Thanks for your ingenuity!"
- Joellen, Burke, VA

"Thank you - great idea and a great resource!"
- Lisa, San Diego, CA  

"I tried to make a homemade version of your magnet 2/3 years ago when my son started driving but it fell apart.  Thanks for a wonderful
and useful product."
- Diane, Yardly, PA 

"Granddaughter getting her license and I like the magnet for her safety."
- Barbara, Livermore, CA 

"What a great idea. Thank you"
- Susan, Arlington, VA
- Cathy, Huntingtown, MD

"Thanks so much.  I am excited about the magnet.  It was actually my 15 year old new driver who wanted them.  He is a good driver but
wished everyone else knew he was new so he wouldn't feel so much pressure.  I think it's a great thing.  I have already promoted it to all
my friends."
- Barb, Indianapolis, IN 

"Thank you for coming up with such a great idea!  I saw an article in the Costco magazine and told my wife we really needed to get some
for our 15 year old daughter that is learning to drive.  
- Travis, Nashville, TN 

"I was so happy to read your notice in the Dr. Gridlock column today. Thank you."
- Mildred, Bowie, MD

"If this magnet gets people to increase their space and be more empathetic than kudos to you!  It is awful learning to drive in todays world of adults who text and talk."
- Lisa, Germantown, TN
"Thank you - great idea you had!"
- Karen, Houston, TX 

"Thanks for the great idea.  The greatest gift I can give my daughter will be her 17th birthday.  I hope this helps."
- Scott, Jupiter, FL 

"I had often commented to my husband that our first new driver needed a similar sign in the car when she was a "newbie".  I'm delighted to
be getting this magnet for our second driver.  Many thanks."
- Susan, Richmand, WA 

"I use to make my own signs and tape them to the window.  You are a genius for creating these!"
- Loren, Hyattsville, MD 

"What an amazingly great idea!  My new driver asked me to get one for her to use.  Can you promote your product to the California Highway
Safety Patrol?"  
- Victoria, Escondido, CA 

"What a great idea!  I actually had the same idea for out here in California.  You beat me to it."
- Sandy, Lakeside, CA

- Cynthia, Leesburg, VA 

"Thank you for coming up with such a brilliant idea."
- Bettina, Alexandria, VA

"Thank you for doing this.  I read the article in Costco Magazine and i said "what a great idea!"  I myself am guilty of impatience to slow
drivers but if I do see this New Driver magnet, then I would be nicer."
- Rowena, Simi Valley, CA 

"I had been looking for something like your bumper sticker. I am so glad you took matters into your own hands and made up the New Driver stickers."
- Caroline, Great Falls, VA

"I read your business profile in Costco Magazine.  What a wonderful story, on so many levels!  Your business solved a problem and will most
assuredly save lives.  I've just ordered 2 for my daughter (who's only 14 ... but already getting ready) and my neice, who is just now learning
to drive."  
- Denise, Brooklyn, NY 

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is a great quality magnet, very readable and gives me some comfort while my son is learning to drive."
- Karen, Potomac, MD