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Driving Contract
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All newly licensed teens are at high risk for crash or injury, especially male drivers. This contract will allow you to gain driving experience under the best of conditions. Remember, driving a car is a privilege not a right.

Basic Rules:

1. Never use alcohol/drugs or ride with a driver who has.
2. Obey all traffic laws.
3. Wear a seat belt at all times. It is your responsibility to make sure that your passengers are wearing seat belts.
4. Use the New Driver magnetic bumper sticker on your car at all times.
5. Ask permission to drive the car, tell where you are going, who will be in the car, and when you will return.
6. Call home if, you will be late, your plans change, or you can't get home safely (Dad or I will pick you up no questions asked).
7. Keep up with everyday responsibilities.
8. Pull over to talk/text on your phone. Do not drive and talk or text. You need to be paying attention to the road.  Remember, "It Can Wait".

Beginning Driver Rule:

First: You may not drive with any other kids in your car for at least 4
months, no exceptions.

Second: If you have been driving a lot, gaining experience, and
following all of the rules, then you can drive with 1 other kid in
the car during the daytime only for the next 2 months.

Third: After you have continued to gain experience, you will be
allowed to have up to 2 other kids in the car during the day and 1 kid at night for 2 more months.

Fourth: We will re-evaluate and adjust the rules as necessary.

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New Driver Magnets
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